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Academic and research quality


The professors are connected to the Trimbos Institute:

3 Trimbos Fellows

The fellow contracts concluded by the Trimbos Institute are designed to establish long-term collaborative relationships with top-level academics and to enhance our expertise and visibility in our core research themes.

Fellow contracts have been signed with three professors:

  • Reinout Wiers (University of Amsterdam)
  • Richard Oude Voshaar (University of Groningen)
  • David Wetter (Rice University, Houston)


48 staff members with doctoral degrees

  • Forty-eight of our 111 researchers hold PhD degrees
  • Seven of the ten heads of programmes and the heads of all three centres hold PhDs

20 doctoral candidates

Twenty PhD candidates currently work at the institute, 12 of whom are devoted to their doctoral research full-time and 8 of whom do their doctoral research part-time in combination with their post at the Trimbos Institute.


Academic publications in 2016

Trimbos staff members were authors or co-authors of academic publications in 2016, including articles in top-ranking journals such as Addiction, Psychological Medicine, Schizophrenia Bulletin, JAMA and The Lancet Psychiatry.

88 Trimbos reports

Eighty-eight research reports were published in 2016 via the Trimbos Institute webshop.

Collaboration with Dutch universities

  • Groningen
  • Twente
  • Maastricht
  • Wageningen
  • Tilburg
  • Erasmus (Rotterdam)
  • Leiden
  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Nijmegen

Collaboration with universities abroad

  • Australië: La Trobe University (Melbourne)
  • België: Universiteit van Brussel (Brussel)
  • Canada: University of Manitoba (Manitoba)
  • Duitsland: Leuphana Universität (Lünenburg), Friedrich-Alexander Universität (Erlangen)
  • Israël Ben-Gurion University (Beer-Sheva)
  • Noorwegen: University of Bergen (Bergen)
  • Örebo: Örebo University
  • Verenigd Koninkrijk: Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College (London), John Moores University (Liverpool), London School of Economics (London), University College London (London), University of St. Andrews (St. Andrews)
  • Verenigde Staten: Arizona State University (Phoenix), Harvard Medical School (Boston), Rice University (Houston), Stanford University (San Diego)
  • Zweden: Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm)

Dutch consortia

  • Depression Network (including nearly all university teaching hospitals)
  • DGSG Network (The Healthy School and Drugs)
  • IMPROVE (mental health care improvement in northeastern Netherlands)
  • NedKAD (Knowledge Center Anxiety and Depression, the Netherlands)
  • MKBA Consortium (for social cost-benefit analysis)
  • Psychosis Network (including all Dutch psychosis centres and university teaching hospitals)
  • PROSPER (Prospective Psychiatric and Economic Research), central Netherlands

International consortia

  • ESEMeD (European Study of Epidemiology of Mental Disorders)
  • ESPAD (The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs
  • Global Consortium Depression Prevention
  • HBSC (Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children – a WHO cross-national survey)
  • International Expert Group on Depression Prevention for Youth
  • ISRII (international Society of Research on Internet Interventions)
  • WHO Collaborating Centres in the WHO European region
  • WHO World Mental Health Survey

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