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Centre for Implementation

Translating research knowledge into policy and practice. That is what we do.

The Trimbos Institute’s mission is ‘to improve mental health through knowledge sharing’. But how do we accomplish that? Our staff members combine systematic research with the implementation of empirically validated interventions and quality standards. We also conduct implementation research and participate in Dutch and international implementation networks. The Centre for Implementation plays an integral part in those activities.

Implementation of eā€“mental health in general practice: toolkit and report

In January we launched our toolkit called E-Mental Health in GP Practices. It provides GPs and their practice nurses with tools to introduce e–mental health resources into their daily practice. From late 2012 until May 2016, with funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw), the Trimbos Institute further implemented its self-help intervention Colour Your Life for use in 100 Dutch GP practices. The toolkit was developed in the context of that implementation project.

Patients are more likely to make use of online interventions for depressive symptoms if they are alerted to them by a mental health practice nurse in their GP practice. The use of such resources helps to alleviate patient symptoms. However, the doctors, practice nurses and patients have to be continually reminded of the benefits of e-health to ensure the sustained use of the interventions.

Final report implementation project Color your life

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