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Centre for Innovation in Mental Health and Technology

We support the implementation of mental health resources, including m-health, serious gaming and many other applications

In order to address widely prevalent mental disorders as well as substance use. The Centre for Innovation plays an integral part in those activities. 

E-health Week 2016

The European E-Health Week in June 2016 was a success. At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Health, the Trimbos Institute organised one of the major workshops. It dealt with virtual reality exposure therapy, the e-health laboratory E-Lab, applied games for mental health and a selection of best-practice online services.


Eight online resources were officially awarded the Onlinehulpstempel, our seal of approval for e–mental health, in 2016. That means that they satisfied the quality criteria for e–mental health interventions.

International activities

The WellMom app was introduced in the United States. It was one of two innovative apps launched during the European E-Health Week which are designed to maintain well-being and prevent depression during and after pregnancy. Those apps, Loss and WellMom, were developed with the support of crowdfunding and in cooperation with a US mental health technology firm.

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