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Centre for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation

We conduct research on efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mental health care

There is a growing need for knowledge about the costs related to mental healthcare sector as well as the costs related to the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. This is caused, in part, by growing healthcare expenditures, increasing demand for care, insufficient means to provide care, and the development of new medical technologies. The experts from Center for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation of the Trimbos Institute calculate the costs and effects of new interventions or policies. Additionally, the Center provides support to healthcare institutions and governments with measuring and improving efficiency.

Does mental health research pay off?

"The Centre for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation has demonstrated again and again that research on mental health care is worth it. Cost-benefit studies show that every euro invested in research may potentially yield 30 to 60 euros of benefit if positive findings are implemented on a wide scale.

It is therefore important to invest in research and provide research incentives. To cash in on such investments, more effort must be put into implementing the findings. A number of trials are currently underway in large samples. We hope to expand cooperation with mental health care agencies to ensure access to patient data. That will enable special focuses on subgroups to learn which interventions are suited to which patients."

Joran Lokkerbol

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