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Gaming en gambling

We seek to facilitate the early detection of problem gambling and game playing and to prevent the onset of such problems when possible

In our Dutch-language report entitled Problem Game Playing: Recommendations for Prevention we recommended that prevention efforts be targeted primarily at high-risk groups (rather than at youth in general) and that they include a focus on the personal factors that may give rise to problem gaming.

New: gameninfo.nl and gokkeninfo.nl

The website www.gameninfo.nl, which went live in 2015, was supplemented in 2016 by a website for problem gambling, www.gokkeninfo.nl. Both gamblers and their friends and relatives, as well as professionals, can find information here about the risks of playing games of chance, tips to reduce those risks and places to find professional help. The website was launched in anticipation of Dutch government measures to regulate online gambling in 2017. The most frequently visited page on www.gokkeninfo.nl is the knowledge test about gambling, and the most popular on www.gameninfo.nl is the test of game playing behaviour.

A challenging issue about gaming and gambling?

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